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So my current Saiyuki enthusiasm coincided with the re-release of the boxset of the first anime series, which I've watched some of but never owned. I figured some things are just fate and went ahead and bought it. (Okay, so possibly I should not be buying any more DVDs, but I've been weeding! There's space! Sort of!)

And the striking thing about this particular boxset (and the original DVDs, where the art comes from) is its desire to show us basically the entire cast artistically bruised and bleeding. Which is certainly eye-catching and textually appropriate and probably demonstrates that they're perfectly aware who their audience is, but I have to admit that the reaction I keep having to Sanzo bleeding all over his robes is "god, their laundry situation must be a nightmare."

I mean, okay, the basic premise of Saiyuki is four guys in a jeep (not a lot of space for extra clothes) trying to drive to India, which is taking them forever because, among other things, somebody tries to kill them every ten miles or so. They keep getting stabbed and shot and beat up and thrown into things--never mind all the people they stab and shoot and etc., some of whom must bleed on them, at least in the manga where the bad guys don't politely turn to dust--and it really can't be good for their clothes. Especially the priest who's wearing formal white robes most of the time (because of course even Sanzo's clothes have to be difficult). Even if I assume that Hakkai, who I'm fairly sure always gets stuck with the job, if only because he's positive his teammates won't do it right, knows every method of getting blood out of anything--and I absolutely do believe this of Cho Hakkai, world's most terrifying den mother--it's a wonder he has time for anything else. Maybe he has bottles of Clorox stashed in the trunk? Maybe he's worked out special chi techniques for getting clothes clean (which, again, if anyone would...) Maybe Hakuryuu secretly turns into a washing machine as well as a jeep, just off-panel?

Or maybe Hakkai really does it do the long way, carefully and by hand, every time. In which case I feel really bad for the youkai who tries to take a swipe at Sanzo when Hakkai has just finished that last load of laundry...
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As ways to spend St. Patrick's Day go? Attending your father's birthday dinner in a cozy Moroccan restaurant--while people are standing in line in the cold trying to get into the Irish bar next door--is actually pretty good. The fact that this restaurant featured belly-dancing and that I got to watch Dad dancing with her and doing really well? Even better. (If I'd known, I would've brought a camera. Ah, missed opportunities...) And the woman she pulled in after that who danced to her in ways that had my brain going "Real life femslash! Mmmm."--hey, icing. (It was just good dancing, I know. But it was still lots of fun to watch.) And the food was good too. Excuse me while I purr contentedly for a bit.


In more fannish thought, I just picked up volume II of the manga UNTIL THE FULL MOON. The primary attraction of this--it's on the cover and everything--is that it's by the creator of FAKE. As you might expect from that, it's really pretty, and has m/m content--sort of. Unfortunately it's nowhere near as good. The premise of the story is that Marlo is the son of a vampire and a werewolf, and somehow the result of this is that he's a mostly-normal guy who turns into a woman at the full moon. ...yeah, it's that kind of story. His parents consult a family friend who's a doctor and a vampire--nobody is normal in this story--and he can't help, so he decides the best thing to do would be to marry Marlo to his son David, also a vampire, who was Marlo's childhood friend. David thinks this is a terrific idea. Romance ensues. It's all long on soulful looks and flowing hair and jealous ex-lovers and very, very short on anything else--FAKE at least pretended to have plots. Here's what an episode of FULL MOON is like:

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What I find frustrating about FULL MOON, aside from some irritating relationship dynamics, is that I think it's got a fascinating premise--well, I could take or leave the vampire stuff, but it does help to ground the story in a setting where weird things happen and we can just get on with dealing with them--and it's mostly ignored in favor of all the romance-novel stuff, particularly in the second book. Surely a guy who regularly turns into a woman and is marrying another guy who loves him but is primarily straight has at least a year's subscription worth of issues to work out, and I would've loved a little more of that and a little less of David's old lovers trying to make their boyfriend jealous. Am I asking for way too much of a book that's mostly premised on being hot and sweet? Oh, probably. But I'm still a little wistful about the possibilities.
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The anime "Supergals"--no, no metahumans, it's a comedy about teenage girls--uses a lot of slang. In particular there's one term used to describe hot guys. This term is (translated as) "GL."


Oh...maybe just a little... ;)


Mar. 22nd, 2004 09:14 pm
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I thought Fruits Basket wasn't coming out till April? Well, hey, not complaining.

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Also very pleased to have scored three transparent FB postcards at my local comics store. (Actually, it's more like my local anime store; it just happens to have comics as well.) Pretty pretty pretty.
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Feeling much better. Watching Fruits Basket all weekend will do that for you...

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Thank you, [ profile] trixie_chick. I knew the Fruits Basket manga was coming out early this year, but I didn't realize that meant, you know, now. Until you mentioned it. So thanks. So pretty... *happy sigh*

And, uh, is it just me, or is Shigure trying to tell us something about Yuki and Kyo...? ;)
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Heh. Today was my monthly animefest, and one of the contributions...could've used a little more work. Certain moments thus did not get quite the intended reaction. (Although arguably it was still better than one of the others, which had some decent elements, but seemed unable to decide if it wanted to focus on intrigue, tragedy, and romance, or Warner Brothers-style comedy.)
"You've always been vigored to destroy me!"
"I can't hit the censor at the front of the car!"
And, in the middle of a desperate, hostage-taking car chase:
"He hit him on purpose! That's just unreasonable!"


I'd also like to say that watching Cardcaptor Sakura in Audience Participation Mode is a whole lot of fun. CCS is quite entertaining; it's even more entertaining when you can communally MST3K it (Tomoyo: "I'll be able to film Sakura in that costume, in that position...!" Viewer: "Must be the one with the chains.") as well as snicker, groan, and go "Awww..." in appropriate places. Plus, the gay couple's big romantic moment was met with outright applause, so that gives me a nice warm feeling.


Sep. 14th, 2003 12:18 am
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Excuse me, Kyo--but did you just say that Tohru should "use Yuki until he falls over shrieking"?


Of course, it's completely innocent in context, and indeed that episode as a whole was so sweet as to almost induce diabetic coma. *g* But still. Lines like that don't help me stop with the warped sexual speculation about Fruits Basket, you know? :)
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In the anime Fruits Basket, the Zodiac of the Sohma family are unable to embrace any member of the opposite sex without turning into an animal, unless the person in question is also a member of the Zodiac. Right?

Some thoughts suggest themselves, there. Like:

--Inbreeding. Lots and lots of inbreeding. Looked at that way, certain characters become suddenly more plausible. :)

--Okay, so, yes, heterosexual sex outside the family is plausible, but the thought of the choreography required amuses me. "Okay, you'll lie down there, and I'll sit up like this, and maybe I should tie my hands behind my back just to be sure..." (Am I contemplating tying certain characters to the bed just for the fun of it? Maaaybe. ;)

--On the other hand, a better excuse for gay sex I've rarely seen. (Not that the characters actually indulging in it seem to require any excuse for anything whatsoever. I'm just saying.) Although that doesn't actually help me slash anyone, as the only Sohma/non-Sohma pairings I'm interested in are het. Ah well. It's not like there's a shortage of prettys to slash, regardless...


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