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So my current Saiyuki enthusiasm coincided with the re-release of the boxset of the first anime series, which I've watched some of but never owned. I figured some things are just fate and went ahead and bought it. (Okay, so possibly I should not be buying any more DVDs, but I've been weeding! There's space! Sort of!)

And the striking thing about this particular boxset (and the original DVDs, where the art comes from) is its desire to show us basically the entire cast artistically bruised and bleeding. Which is certainly eye-catching and textually appropriate and probably demonstrates that they're perfectly aware who their audience is, but I have to admit that the reaction I keep having to Sanzo bleeding all over his robes is "god, their laundry situation must be a nightmare."

I mean, okay, the basic premise of Saiyuki is four guys in a jeep (not a lot of space for extra clothes) trying to drive to India, which is taking them forever because, among other things, somebody tries to kill them every ten miles or so. They keep getting stabbed and shot and beat up and thrown into things--never mind all the people they stab and shoot and etc., some of whom must bleed on them, at least in the manga where the bad guys don't politely turn to dust--and it really can't be good for their clothes. Especially the priest who's wearing formal white robes most of the time (because of course even Sanzo's clothes have to be difficult). Even if I assume that Hakkai, who I'm fairly sure always gets stuck with the job, if only because he's positive his teammates won't do it right, knows every method of getting blood out of anything--and I absolutely do believe this of Cho Hakkai, world's most terrifying den mother--it's a wonder he has time for anything else. Maybe he has bottles of Clorox stashed in the trunk? Maybe he's worked out special chi techniques for getting clothes clean (which, again, if anyone would...) Maybe Hakuryuu secretly turns into a washing machine as well as a jeep, just off-panel?

Or maybe Hakkai really does it do the long way, carefully and by hand, every time. In which case I feel really bad for the youkai who tries to take a swipe at Sanzo when Hakkai has just finished that last load of laundry...
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