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So the very first thing that happens in Green Lantern: First Flight is Hal Jordan being inappropriate with Carol Ferris in a workplace setting. Some things will never change, apparently.

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Yeah, so [ profile] caia_comica and I were talking about the sometimes complicated relationship of Hal Jordan and his Silver Age sidekick Tom Kalmaku. And I committed ficlet.


Tegra Kalmaku knows that her husband loves her. He shows it constantly--in the warm, sleepy smiles he gives her over the breakfast table, the way he runs his fingers through her ruthlessly plain hair, the hours he works to give her all the things he thinks she ought to have. He cares for her as much, as deeply, as she does for him; there's never been a moment when he's made her believe otherwise.

But when she sees him with his friend, his pilot, his hero--it's hard. Hard watching the shining light in his face, the way his every look and movement is oriented towards the other man. She'll quietly absent herself from the room, with only the barest of acknowledgments from her distracted husband. She has no part in what's between them.

Tegra knows her husband loves her. But she knows, too, who it is he worships.
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Oh, and in less squealy comics news, I finally picked up GL #181. (Yes, a week late. I was serious when I said I didn't much want to read it.)

Do I need to explain to anyone the enormous logical problems with this story? Ron Marz's total and unsurprising ignorance of anything that was added after he left the book? And how incredibly insulting to Kyle the big emotional moment was?

No? Didn't think so.

I appreciated the twist in the plot, both on its own merits and that it made the villains look less dumb. And [ profile] miss_porcupine is absolutely right in that it could have been much, much worse. I'm happy for that much, I really am. But it's still pretty thin comfort.

Say what?

Sep. 1st, 2004 02:04 pm
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Breaking briefly away from work to post this, because, wow.

Found in a discussion of Alex DeWitt's death in GREEN LANTERN, posted by someone I know nothing about, who stated:

"As someone who worked on the WiR site let me just jump in and say, ALex was NOT the inspiration for the Women in Refrigerators site. The treatment of women historically in comics was the inspiration. One example being the horrible muddling of Donna Troy that continues to this day. There was even debate amongst those of us involved as to using the title and image because some involved felt Alex death was not "in vain" or a toss aside like many female characters recieved, but that it actually had lasting and believable ramifications on the character and book, and reducing it as such would be unfair to Ron Marz. It actually wasn't till AFTER talking with Ron and him saying he thought it would be a great idea to use it that we did so. Incidentally, one of the main reasons we decided to use is because we knew there were many people like yourself that reduced the scene down without looking at it's total influence. In a sense I guess you could say we were marketing to the LCD."

My initial two reactions:

1) I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell anyone who thinks Alex's death had believable long-term ramifications. Kyle had a nasty tendency to forget all about her, in fact, unless he happened to be standing in front of her grave.

2) He wanted them to use it? "Yes, go ahead and name your site on comic book misogyny after my story, that would be great!" *mind boggles*

And now I have a sudden urge to write about my thoughts about Marz and Alex and refrigerators (which are more complicated than I've probably given the impression of), and I really don't have time. Maybe on the weekend.
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Contains spoilers for GREEN LANTERN #180 and a lot of bias on my part--if you've liked pretty much anything that's happened in the book since Judd Winick left, this is not for you. Mildly slashy.

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You know, I've been laughing pretty much throughout this last arc of GREEN LANTERN. Occasionally because something was actually funny, but mainly because it was laugh at it all or break down crying...and I suspect I'm going to be doing that soon enough anyway.

And then there's GL #180 )
greenygal: (Default) Finally got around to those '90s JLI issues I picked up at Dexcon (you know, Smitty, the ones I snatched out of your hands? :) and this plot is hysterical...

The bad guy has decided to stop the Justice League from interfering with him by going back in time and stopping their origins from ever happening. Cue a couple pages of Hal Jordan and Wally West going "Uh, do I know you?" "No, but you do look awfully familiar..." (No, there's no reason why they should feel that way, except to get the plot going. Anyway.)

But there's still a Green Lantern, because when Hal's origin was aborted, the job just went to Guy instead. Who, what with all his brain damage and other trauma being forestalled, is a noble, heroic man.

I'll pause while you all take that in.

So what we've got, once everybody has been filled in, is Hal Jordan horrified at the idea of taking his hero Guy Gardner's place, and Guy selflessly insisting that the proper course of history must be restored, no matter what happens to him in the process.

Hal: And if this does turn me into Green Lantern...I can only pray that I'll have half the courage and nobility of Guy Gardner!

Yes. Well. Excuse me, I'll be over here in the corner with a completely BROKEN BRAIN...

(Easter egg: In the alter-timeline, Wally's a car mechanic. Did Geoff Johns read this story?)
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Because it's not readily apparent, and because I know at least one person reading this will care, I thought I would mention that the second story in DC COMICS PRESENTS: GREEN LANTERN features Hal and Ollie.

That said, it's mostly a Hal story that happens to have Ollie in it, and I also have to think it's a totally noncanon look at Hal. But it's quite an interesting idea, and the first story is reasonably entertaining, too.
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This is something that [ profile] buggery asked for a while ago, and I got interested in putting it together: a reference guide to Hal Jordan's romantic life, more or less in chronological order. It is presently as complete as I can make it...but that's not as complete as I would like. (In particular, my lack of v.3 issues is showing.) So if anyone cares to take a look and suggest any additions or corrections, I'd be very grateful. If not, well, enjoy. :)

Two sites that were enormously helpful in making this list were the Green Lantern Corps Web Page, from which all the linked entries come, and DarkMark's Comics Indexes, an exhaustive indexing of the Silver Age issues of Green Lantern and a number of other books. Highly recommended, both.


Carol Ferris--Originally Hal's boss at Ferris Aircraft, and his first love interest in the comic. Hal and Carol had a passionate but highly conflicted relationship that was on and off throughout their history, frequently running aground on pride, secret ID issues, their respective commitments to demanding jobs, and of course Carol's sometimes being the villainous Star Sapphire. After Hal's death, she got married.

Iona Vane--This one's kind of weird. And creepy. 58th century Earth needed a champion, so they reached back through time and grabbed Hal Jordan. But the process removed all his memories, so they implanted a false persona (called "Pol Manning") into his brain, and generously included a girlfriend, which part was played by Miss Vane. After this sequence had been repeated several times, Hal eventually discovered for himself what had been going on, and it turned out that Iona had fallen in love with him for real. Being in love with Carol Ferris, Hal couldn't reciprocate, so instead he erased Iona's memories of him. This would later drive her nearly insane (see link).

Eve Doremus--Casual civilian girlfriend after Hal left Ferris Aircraft and Carol the first time. Apparently nicer than she was portrayed in the BRAVE AND THE BOLD miniseries, but I don't really know anything but what's in the link.

Olivia Reynolds--During a brief period (about five issues) when Hal was working as a toy salesman after leaving Ferris, she was Hal's rival and love interest. Olivia has subconscious mental powers which are being used by an alien race to keep themselves alive. She returned years later in the v.3 series.

Kari Limbo--Guy Gardner's fiance (the link goes to an entry on him and includes a lot of extraneous stuff, but it's got a fair amount about Kari). During a period when Guy was believed dead, Kari and Hal fell in love and almost got married until it was revealed that Guy was actually alive, though comatose. This relationship is reported to be highly unconvincing.

Dorine Clay/Onu Murtu--An alien freedom fighter that Hal met and was attracted to early in his career; he encountered her again later at a point when he had been banned from Earth by the Guardians. Dorine declared her love for Hal in this period, but he didn't really return her feelings, and they separated when he went back to Earth and Carol Ferris.

Arisia--A 14-year-old alien GL who fell in love with Hal; when he told her that he didn't date teenagers (Arisia was a full GL, and how old she was by her own race's standards was unclear, but she generally acted like a kid) her ring responded to her subconscious desires by aging her mentally and physically. Hal immediately fell for her, and they were lovers for a number of issues before breaking up.

Power Girl--One of Hal's teammates in Justice League Europe. As far as I can tell, all that happened here was some kissing (apparently while Hal had lost his memories?) circa JLE #48-#50. Anyone who actually knows anything about this is invited to chime in.

Rose Hardin--Resident of Desolation, a town Ollie and Hal visited in their GL/GA days. She is widowed with a son. In v.3 she and Hal had a relationship.
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I was going to complain about villains. GL villains, as far as I can tell, are the universe's revenge on me for expecting [ profile] ratcreature to take Flash's Rogues Gallery seriously. Like, say, the Demolition Team. (Or the DTs, which is not what I'd want my abbreviation to be.)

Yes, it's the Hell's Angels of construction )

They were seen initially in a splash page with the guy who'd hired them gasping in a horrified fashion and wondering "What have I unleashed?" I mean, yeah, okay, five goons with a bunch of souped-up construction equipment can certainly do a lot of damage, but it's not exactly in the "unholy terror" category, now is it?

Now, sure, Star Sapphire's cool--she even makes that costume work somehow. And I like Hector Hammond. (Granted that my introduction to him was a fic where he mind-controlled Hal into patting his head and rubbing his stomach, but I can get past that.) The Predator...I try really hard with the Predator, but something about that costume gives me trouble. I think it might be the claws on his feet, I dunno. He's easily one of the best menaces in the book while he lasts, though. And I can pretty much deal with The Shark, who has a decent gimmick and, okay, an invisible yellow aura, but he's a Silver Age character, and Len Wein cheerfully admitted he had no idea how it was supposed to work. Oh, and Sinestro hasn't gotten anything to do in any of the issues I've read, but he does talk a good game.

And then we have Javelin and his overdone accent, and Sonar and his insistence that beating up Green Lantern is somehow going to benefit his home country, and Goldface, who does in fact have a personality, but boy, you couldn't tell it here, and Doctor Polaris, who ought to scare me and yet really, really doesn't, and people like Deadlok and Throttle and Blindside with barely a character trait to share between them. And then we have Truk.

Yes, Truk )

I looked at that cover and went "uh-huh." Yeah, I was definitely going to complain about Truk. Until I got to the end of the issue, whereupon it was revealed that Truk was in actuality a two-foot cartoon-style rodent dressed in red and yellow proclaiming vengeance.

Whereupon I went, "Oh, total insanity! I can cope with that." And settled in happily for more.

...I've been reading comics for too long, right?
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Two random GL quotes:

"Persistent, tenacious, stubborn, bull-headed. Yeah. And those are my good points!"
--Hal, #151

And for [ profile] caia_comica:

"Green Arrow says I over-analyze, overlook the obvious...and just this once, I'm inclined to agree with him!"
--Hal, #157
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I just bought fifty-five issues of Green Lantern. I. Um. Oh my. I mean, I did want to start investigating, but I meant to do it, you know, cautiously. In stages. Only they were so cheap, and my brain sort of fuzzed over, and. Well. Fifty-five issues. (About two thirds Englehart, [ profile] samy, and thanks for the rec.)

*looks nervously at comics stack* Well, I know what I'm doing this weekend...


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