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On the theory that I may not have been the only one who hadn't heard: the latest episode of JLU, "Flash and Substance," aired yesterday in the UK. It features the Flash Museum and several members of the Rogues' Gallery--including Mark Hamill as the Trickster and Alexis Denisof as Mirror Master--and lists Linda Park in the cast.

(In other words: SQUEEE!)

*encourages that download to run a little faster*


Jul. 25th, 2005 04:51 pm
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Spotted on the DC newsgroup: co-writer Dwayne McDuffie had a comment on JLU's "Epilogue." Right now my brain is way too fried to think about what he said, but in case anybody's interested:

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Sep. 14th, 2004 04:11 am
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My inner fangirl is SO HAPPY.

Spoilers for The Greatest Story Never Told )
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In keeping with the way this season has been running, there was quite a lot to like about last night's episode of JL. There was also, however, one thing that I found cringe-inducingly horrible and have serious concerns about.

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And here I thought last night's JL just contained the weirdest mix of guest stars you could think of, aside from them all originating in the Golden Age. It's taken me till now to work out that that's because they were standing in for the Defenders. Lord, I'm slow. I knew it felt like a Marvel story...
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I have been shipping Batman/Flash in Justice League since the first episode. (Mind you, as usual it's 'Rith's fault, but I don't think she was expecting me to be quite so enthusiastic about it.) I wrote a fic! I cackled at the part in the first book where Flash was described as sweeping Batman off his feet! I obsessed over every bit in every episode where they could conceivably have even been thinking about each other! I worked up elaborate psychological theories about how they related! (Mind you, in my head they were not having a relationship so much as they were having random sex in alleyways, but with Batman even alleyway sex is fraught with psychological complexity.) I thought about how Flash was probably jealous of both Superman and Wonder Woman, and then resented that he was jealous because it wasn't supposed to be that kind of relationship!

And anytime I mentioned this, people not unnaturally went "Batman and who?" And I always smiled cheerfully and admitted, sure, I knew this pairing was on crack, but it was my crack and I loved it. :)

Only now, with the showing of "A Better World," the whole fandom is sharing this crack. Batman/Flash is suddenly cool. Half my friendslist is squeeing about the possibility. Te wrote an appallingly good fic, and I bet there's going to be more.

I feel so vindicated. Go me. :)
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Slightly belated; oh well. First, for really detailed and enthusiastic posts about the episode go here and here. Plus, Wendi wrote a really sweet post-ep in her Wally/Chloe 'verse. Read, read.

But there were a couple of things I wanted to say... )


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