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So, what with the Trickster and the Pied Piper having their own handcuff-laden subplot in COUNTDOWN, a number of people seem to have become interested in the characters. This pleases me enormously, as I've always loved them both--I realized the other day that they were having a conversation in the first issue of FLASH I ever read. I think I may have imprinted or something. Consequently, fellow obsessive fan [ profile] blinkytreefrog and I have created [ profile] piper_trickster, for all your reformed Rogue needs! (Er. Possibly reformed? Sort of reformed? Something like that.) And we're starting it off by posting our co-written seven-part genfic, "Heat." (No, honestly, genfic. For that matter there aren't even any handcuffs in it. There's quite a lot of angst, though.) Part 1 is here.

This is the first real writing I've done in...a long time, really. And I'm quite pleased with it. But I really want to take the opportunity to say nice things about [ profile] blinkytreefrog, who is a terrific writer, and had the idea to begin with, and did all the research, and who encouraged me and put up with my shameful procrastinating ways when what she actually should have been doing was smacking me on the head. Seriously, she's amazing. Thanks also go to [ profile] caia_comica, [ profile] thekeet and Blinky's friend S. for looking the fic over and providing beta. Thanks, guys.

In other comics news, I had very serious issues with the ending of BLACK CANARY #4, which was upsetting because it had been so good for a while. Other than that, though, I've been pretty happy with the last few weeks of comics. Comments may follow. Or not.
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Yeah, so [ profile] caia_comica and I were talking about the sometimes complicated relationship of Hal Jordan and his Silver Age sidekick Tom Kalmaku. And I committed ficlet.


Tegra Kalmaku knows that her husband loves her. He shows it constantly--in the warm, sleepy smiles he gives her over the breakfast table, the way he runs his fingers through her ruthlessly plain hair, the hours he works to give her all the things he thinks she ought to have. He cares for her as much, as deeply, as she does for him; there's never been a moment when he's made her believe otherwise.

But when she sees him with his friend, his pilot, his hero--it's hard. Hard watching the shining light in his face, the way his every look and movement is oriented towards the other man. She'll quietly absent herself from the room, with only the barest of acknowledgments from her distracted husband. She has no part in what's between them.

Tegra knows her husband loves her. But she knows, too, who it is he worships.
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Contains spoilers for GREEN LANTERN #180 and a lot of bias on my part--if you've liked pretty much anything that's happened in the book since Judd Winick left, this is not for you. Mildly slashy.

Green Lemonade )
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Too tired to be rational. Am writing instead.

Because I remember )
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...and this is a rare instance of me doing smut. I feel I should share. (Or possibly lock it away in a closet where it will never be seen by human eyes, but we'll ignore that one.)

TBoarder asked for characters fantasizing about Troia. This is what I came up with.

Good Enough )
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Another one inspired by Darklady's challenge. Less with the silly, this time.

Nature of the Beast )


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