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I have acquired my copy of Teenagers From The Future, a book of essays on the Legion of Super-Heroes. I haven't gotten very far into it, but three quotes from the introduction and the first essay:

"You need to be seriously warped in the brain to be a Legion freak. It is a labyrinthine tangle of narratives, timelines, creators, and characters, all immediately at odds with each other, sometimes aggressively so. It is the Gordian knot of comic books--the simplest way through it is to slice the thing in two and be done."

"To me, the Legion represents the most perfect Silver Age comic book. It is sweet and surreal and brimming, absolutely brimming, with hope. A wonderful club of super-powered teenagers, do-gooding around a cheesy and weird future, their powers swooping from the ridiculous to the sublime and back again."

"If it troubles you to wonder why the Legion devotes valuable space in its clubhouse to a giant vending machine topped by a camera that looks like a giant eye, a device which turns bars of valuable metal into pendants bearing the operator's likeness--something of no possible use apart from this story and never seen or mentioned before or since...this is the Silver Age of comics, that's why."

It is all so true.
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My main comment about Saturday's LSH episode: I love Kell-El so much. Never stop being a jerk to small children, Kell! ...except of course he will, because the show is cancelled. *sulk* Hopefully the last few episodes will at least pick up on the Brainiac thing.

However, my Saturday mornings will not be devoid of superheroes, because Spectacular Spider-Man is really cool. Great themesong, great cast, and the latest episode very nearly broke my heart. Ow, ow, ow; now that is Peter Parker.

(Also, Transformers: Animated has pulled me into this fandom for the first time since the 80s, and I may possibly be in love with Prowl. Send help.)
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I love this cartoon so much, especially when it's been such a long wait since the last episode.

Very mild spoilers )

Next week: Mordru!
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I am not a happy comics fan at present. If you've read COUNTDOWN #22, you can make a pretty accurate guess at why. DC, making me really not enjoy your comics is not a winning market strategy.

On the other hand, I was cheered up no end by the latest episode of LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES. I nearly missed it, thinking it would be a repeat; so glad I checked!

Message in a Bottle )
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One other note about LSH #7...

Bad leader, no biscuit )
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I’ve occasionally commented that nobody working in comics today knows how to punch my emotional buttons better than Mark Waid. And this, right here, is what I mean when I say it.

Pointless Brainy babble )
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New interview about LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES is up, with more preview scans from #1 (how much of the issue will we not have seen when it comes out? Not that I'm complaining!) and I'm getting more and more encouraged--this still has the potential to go horribly wrong, but Waid's saying interesting things.

Plus, Waid really seems to like two of my favorite characters:

1) According to him, Brainiac 5 is one of his two favorite Legionnaires. (The other is Cosmic Boy.)
2) Issue #2 will focus on Brainy and Dream Girl. (Yes, 'Rith, I can hear you snickering. I'd tell you to be quiet if I wasn't doing it too.)
3) Issue #4 will focus on Invisible Kid.
4) Invisible Kid is in issue #1 (unsurprising, given his presence in the teaser story, but good to know) and is explicitly described as "one of Brainy's recruits."

Happy little Legion fangirl, here...
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There's really only one person here who will think this one's funny, but what's an LJ for if you can't have incomprehensible silliness?

Anyway, I was wanting a copy of ACTION COMICS #591, because it's got the Legion of Super-Heroes in it, so I looked it up on MileHigh, and then I got a look at the cover.

Anybody else looking at that picture would, I'm sure, be focusing on the Superboy/Superman punchup. Me? I'm down there on the left going "Brainiac 5 is hugging Sun Boy!!"

(Non-Legion fans: Brainy is the Legion's emotionally distant genius. Sun Boy is the Legion's cheerful slut. So: lots of gaping at this image. Also giggling.)

I'm just trying to envision this. Was it: "Brainy, I'm frightened by this sudden and inexplicable violence! Hold me!" Or: "My understanding of reality is unraveling! I must embrace Sun Boy and take comfort in his solidity!" Or maybe: "No, Sun Boy, you mustn't try to stop them! >choke< I couldn't bear to lose you too!" "Oh, Brainy, I never knew you cared..."

(Okay, yeah, it's time to lay off the bad romance novels.)

And what happened after the fight was over? Did Brainy carry Sun Boy back to his laboratory, where they made tender love in amongst the forcefield generators and sentient computers? Or did Sun Boy scandalize Smallville by tearing off Brainy's eggplant jumpsuit right there in the street? I want to know these things, dammit!

Comics OD

Jun. 7th, 2004 04:11 pm
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One Ebay shipment, two from MileHigh (one of which hasn't even arrived yet) and four hours spent at a dealer's con. I am buried in back issues. And already starting to feel the insidious addictive effect: the more you read, the more you want... Next time I even glance at a back issue bin, somebody shoot me, okay? (Especially if it contains issues of Avengers.)

The list of what I got is many and miscellaneous, and I may have comments on some of it as I work through the pile (I've barely gotten started, although I can already tell that the Englehart run on JLA is almost as good as rumor paints it...)

But one acquisition in particular merits mention, and--even before I've read it!--some celebratory jumping-up-and-down...

The Death of the Pre-Crisis Superboy )

Anyway. Lots of comics. Comics good. Going to go home now and read them... :)
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Oh, lord. They're cancelling LEGION. Again.

On the one hand, upcoming writer Gail Simone--and I suppose being written by her isn't a bad way to end your existence as a title--claims that DC has big plans for the Legion. So this presumably isn't it for them. On the other hand, what exactly the big plans might be...makes me nervous. (No, 'Rith, I don't think it's going to involve resetting to the end of the Magic Wars. Sorry.) Then again, maybe it just means "restart the title under Mark Waid." I could definitely live with that.

Also deeply amused by this quote from Simone in the interview: "Deserved or not, a lot of writers are scared to write Legion, because it has this reputation of being very very harshly defended by the hardcore fan base." Who? Us? Nah, they must have us confused with some other vehemently obsessive and argumentative group of fans... ;)
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Just completed my latest oh-my-God-what-did-I-just-do comics-buying splurge, including indulging myself in a LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES Archive. And was really amused to find KC Carlson's intro describing Legion fans as: "the most vociferous, out-spoken, opinionated, and absolutely-cannot-be-pleased group of people in comics fandom." Heh. Hey, KC, you forgot "freakishly obsessed"... :) This may or may not be an accurate description (for one thing, as he points out, GL fans have something to say about it), but I ain't arguing with it, either. There's just something about the Legion. :)

(Also, 'Rith: having been nudged by [ profile] scans_daily, I added a copy of ROBIN #0 to the list...and what's the first thing I see when I open it up? Harvey Dent. I'm sure this is somehow your fault. :)


Dec. 11th, 2003 12:54 pm
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[ profile] domarzione has very kindly provided me with an icon of the scene in LEGION #27 that I was jumping up and down about a week ago--thanks, Nika! *hugs*

*admires icon* Aw, they're just so cute...


Dec. 9th, 2003 04:06 pm
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According to Rich Johnston, here:

"I understand that Mark Waid and Barry Kitson are to take over "Legion" some time next year.

I'm told that the current team of Andy Lanning, Dan Abnett and Chris Batisita have around a year's worth of material to be published, and are looking for other projects. One of Dan and Andy's collaborators on one of their final "Legion" issues will be Keith Giffen, and they may look to pursue further projects with him."

*repeats to self* It is a rumor. It is a rumor. A rumor that Rich indicates to be fairly reliable, but still. A rumor. I will not get excited till I hear it from official sources.

But would I ever pay money to see that...


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