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2015-01-18 01:59 am

Brick temptations

I do not need this Lego set. Really. Really. I'm running out of space for the Legos I already have, because my sales resistance to the siren song of tiny brick characters is...minimal. But I don't need this one, even if it has Flash vs. Gorilla Grodd and Captain Cold (and a banana truck, heh) and a Bat-mech and Wonder Woman's freaking invisible plane! That is value for your Lego superhero money, you know?

Well, okay, I don't know that I necessarily need a Bat-mech in my life, and since that's about half the set that's a serious drawback. (Although I guess he could fight Lego Lex Luthor in power armor, because see previous point about my lack of sales resistance.) Still. Wondy and her invisible plane, plus two Flash Um. Help?

(I also don't need this, even if it looks pretty cool and has Supergirl and Martian Manhunter in it. Some days I think life was simpler before Lego had licensing deals...)
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2014-05-25 01:35 am

Days of Future Past first reaction

I'm going to respond to the movie properly later (possibly after going to see it again :) because I loved it so much, way more than I was really expecting to, and I do want to say things about it. But I do have one very heartfelt reaction...

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2014-01-30 11:58 pm

(no subject)

After seeing Frozen three times already, I'm now checking out the times for the theater singalong performances. I think I may like this movie. Just a little.
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2013-11-07 09:50 am


The gods are coming! (Well, technically they're already here, but whatever.) I'm planning to go see Thor 2 at the AMC Courthouse theater on Saturday, probably the 5:30 showing. Anyone else interested in coming?
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2013-07-18 09:46 pm

Adventures in weeding

...or, how trying to dispose of your old comics is more emotionally difficult than you might think.

Mostly interesting to me, but it amused me to write it down )
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2013-06-29 02:58 pm

(no subject)

So my current Saiyuki enthusiasm coincided with the re-release of the boxset of the first anime series, which I've watched some of but never owned. I figured some things are just fate and went ahead and bought it. (Okay, so possibly I should not be buying any more DVDs, but I've been weeding! There's space! Sort of!)

And the striking thing about this particular boxset (and the original DVDs, where the art comes from) is its desire to show us basically the entire cast artistically bruised and bleeding. Which is certainly eye-catching and textually appropriate and probably demonstrates that they're perfectly aware who their audience is, but I have to admit that the reaction I keep having to Sanzo bleeding all over his robes is "god, their laundry situation must be a nightmare."

I mean, okay, the basic premise of Saiyuki is four guys in a jeep (not a lot of space for extra clothes) trying to drive to India, which is taking them forever because, among other things, somebody tries to kill them every ten miles or so. They keep getting stabbed and shot and beat up and thrown into things--never mind all the people they stab and shoot and etc., some of whom must bleed on them, at least in the manga where the bad guys don't politely turn to dust--and it really can't be good for their clothes. Especially the priest who's wearing formal white robes most of the time (because of course even Sanzo's clothes have to be difficult). Even if I assume that Hakkai, who I'm fairly sure always gets stuck with the job, if only because he's positive his teammates won't do it right, knows every method of getting blood out of anything--and I absolutely do believe this of Cho Hakkai, world's most terrifying den mother--it's a wonder he has time for anything else. Maybe he has bottles of Clorox stashed in the trunk? Maybe he's worked out special chi techniques for getting clothes clean (which, again, if anyone would...) Maybe Hakuryuu secretly turns into a washing machine as well as a jeep, just off-panel?

Or maybe Hakkai really does it do the long way, carefully and by hand, every time. In which case I feel really bad for the youkai who tries to take a swipe at Sanzo when Hakkai has just finished that last load of laundry...
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2013-06-20 08:00 pm

Metaphor I was not expecting

So I'm shelving and reshelving and flipping through books as part of the redecoration process (theoretically in the hopes of finding things I'm prepared to get rid of, which is...not really happening) and ran across this bit in Melinda Snodgrass's Tears of the Singers:

[Uhura] wanted a ship and a command of her own, and she thought she had a good chance of getting them--but it was going to cost. The price of a starship was ceaseless devotion to work and career. She had seen it with Captain Kirk. However much he might yearn there was only one lady in his life and her name was Enterprise.

But do I want to become a lesbian? she thought rebelliously. Devoting my life to a mass of circuits and metal that by some ironic quirk of phraseology has been designated a she?

Or did she want the comfort of home, husband and children? And was it possible she could have both? Or was that a foolish dream placed forever beyond the reach of a woman in Star Fleet?

'80s Star Trek novels: they really, really do not make them like that anymore. I never actually got around to reading this one (I bought it because, hey, Uhura novel) but now I'm morbidly curious what else is in here.
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2013-06-20 11:14 am

Wrath of Khan on Friday (yay!)

On Friday, [personal profile] neotoma and I are going to see a midnight showing of Star Trek: the Wrath of Khan at E-Street Cinema. If anyone else is interested in coming, we're meeting at the theater around nine before we find some place to have dinner.
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2013-06-09 10:47 pm

Yay! More shelving!

Well, okay, at present it's just sitting there in boxes waiting to achieve true shelfness, but still, appreciable progress in making my apartment habitable again. (Even if it did require about an hour of last-minute dithering about colors in the Ikea showroom. You would not think it would be that hard to decide between different shades of brown, and yet.) I even got some pretty magazine files for the comics, so I can pretend like they're decorative.

I also went to see the last performance of Synetic's Three Musketeers with [personal profile] neotoma. As expected, it was an enormous amount of fun, lots of banter and swordplay everywhere. I particularly liked D'Artagnan, who was a gloriously endearing dork, and Richelieu, who was both effectively acted and staged as the Manipulative Menace Behind Everything--at one point, M'lady De Winter and Rochefort come to report to Richelieu, who has not appeared yet and is standing behind a gate. But since the characters are looking towards the audience as they speak and it's not clear where Richelieu is, the impression you get is that he's a bodiless and omnipresent malevolence. (The fact that the gate is circular and lit up in red like the Eye of Sauron does not help dispel this impression, either. I love Synetic's staging.)
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2013-06-08 09:29 pm

(no subject)

Going on a massive binge of the Saiyuki manga while redecorating, while an excellent distraction, does mean that I have to keep reminding myself that when Sanzo keeps being a complete hypocrite about talking about non-attachment and holding nothing, he doesn't actually mean "You have too many DVDs. Stop that."

(Although I'm sure that would be what he meant if he knew me. Even aside from being an ancient Chinese monk who doesn't currently own anything that won't fit in a Jeep, I don't think Sanzo has a lot of interest in personal possessions that can't be used to threaten someone with. Box sets probably don't count.)
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2013-06-04 06:51 pm

(no subject)

The trouble with trying to overhaul your living space so it looks nice and has better furniture and, possibly, has flat surfaces available somewhere is the inevitable intermediate stage wherein you are surrounded by piles of everything you own and, at least in my case, start seriously questioning your life choices. I mean, did I really need to own all the comic books ever? I couldn't have collected, I don't know, bottlecaps instead? I bet bottlecap collections are restful. And don't require shelving.
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2013-05-26 01:14 am


After what was a much, much more complicated process than it should have been (shipping: ain't it fun?) I finally have my hardback copy of Seanan McGuire's Velveteen vs. the Junior Super Patriots. Yay! I have a book with a superheroine in bunny ears on the cover!

...hmm. Possibly early and formative experiences with Phil Foglio's Angel and the Ape miniseries left a mark...?

Anyway, my questionable psyche aside, Velveteen vs. is glorious. It's a series of stories about an ex-superheroine in a world where almost all superheroes are effectively owned and raised by the corporation of Super Patriots, Inc., where image is everything and Marketing controls all. Our heroine Velma Martinez had a couple of terrible experiences, hit eighteen and decided that this was no life for, basically, anyone, and walked away. Marketing is not happy. They're a huge corporation and she has...the ability to animate any toy in range?

...somehow, this works out better than it should. (Well, it would be a short series if they squashed her like a bug.) Vel has a scathing sense of humor, a bunch of interesting friends (most notably the daughter of the incarnations of Winter and the embodiment of fairy-tale princessness) and, you know, the ability to bring teddy bears to life and make that into an awesome crimefighting power. The stories are funny--of course they're funny, it's Seanan McGuire doing superheroes; the first story features the wrath of a crayfish army--and there's a lot of (often sarcastic) musing on the details of the superhero life. But there's also a lot of serious subtext about choices and control and putting your life back together when you don't know what you're doing, and a couple of spots that just broke my heart. Plus it's got a ton of alternate universes, and that always makes me happy. :) It's a genuinely beautiful series, and it's all online at the author's website (first half) and LJ (second half). I'm so pleased to have the book! *cuddles book*
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2012-09-24 10:57 pm


So today has been my birthday! I've been having a really good time; I took today off, and over the past few days I went to dinner with [personal profile] smittywing, attended the National Book Festival with [personal profile] neotoma, [personal profile] ellen_fremedon, and [personal profile] holli, spent time with my mom and dad, received a bunch of presents and lovely birthday greetings, and caught the first new episode of Haven (I'll probably make a post about that when I have more time, but I definitely liked it) and the finale to the current arc on Atop the Fourth Wall, which was awesome. Plus I indulged myself and bought a Lego vampire castle, because really, doesn't everyone need a Lego vampire castle in their lives? Once I get it constructed, it will be sharing shelf space with a Lego alien tripod and Lego Lex-Luthor-in-a-giant-robot. I foresee a slight genre clash. Maybe I should give in and get Lego ninjas for the full experience...

Plus, Sharecon in two weeks! *bounces slightly in anticipation*
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2012-09-02 11:18 pm

Hey, a post!

I haven't posted anything in a long, long time. But I haven't written any comicfic in even longer, and I thought I should mention I cowrote something new. Well, sort of new. Several years ago (back before, you know, the entire DC universe was rebooted), [ profile] blinkytreefrog and I were seriously upset about the death of Flash villain hero rogue Trickster in the Countdown to Infinite Crisis maxiseries. So we concocted a fixit-fic in which his partner-in-crime heroics handcuffs Piper would resurrect him. And we got it about half-written, and then...drifted away from the fandom and never finished it. But this year, Blinky suggested we finish it in honor of the fifth anniversary of the [ profile] piper_trickster LJ community, and with that goal in mind we managed to get it done, yay! We posted it in parts on the comm, and the whole thing's now up at AO3: While You Were Sleeping.
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2009-12-01 10:18 pm

Happy fangirl.

Out of the lovely things about JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED cartoon is the toyline, still running three years after the actual cartoon ceased existing. Okay, so the toys themselves are not especially high-quality, but the range of characters has entered the realm of pure fanservice--all sorts of obscure characters exist happily in this toyline, whether they got significant appearances (Vigilante), brief scenes (B'wana Beast), purely non-speaking cameos (Nemesis), or didn't even appear in the show at all (let's hear it for the Superfriends, apparently). Sometimes they even make toys for no apparent reason at all--was anyone actually demanding a Waverider figure? Yeah, I thought not.

I mention all this because the toyline has gotten to the point of delivering to me a long-cherished dream: an Amanda Waller action figure, in all her scowling glory. Generally speaking, overweight noncostumed black women possessing only the power of their own Magnificent Bastardry do not actually get action figures, no matter how awesome they may be, but such is the power of this toyline! So I have an Amanda, which is awesome. And she can stand on her own without difficulty, which for this toyline is also pretty awesome. She comes with General Eiling, another character who really shouldn't have a toy, and Batman, presumably so there's someone in this case wearing spandex. (Thematically speaking, the third should have been Max Lord, but I can appreciate that they maybe cherished hopes this set would sell to one or two people who are not '80s comics fans. And hey, Batman is a very convenient person for her to glare at!) Sadly I don't have any JLU Suicide Squad members, so I have drafted the DCUC Captain Boomerang into her service instead. (Which looks kind of hilarious, as he's dwarfed by her. Poor Owen.) Possibly more minions are required here; if I don't get Amanda a proper black ops squad she'll probably just start co-opting my existing action figures, and there will be mayhem all across my apartment, especially when the giant robots get involved. (Note: move Starscream further away from her. No, further than that. And Lockdown may have to go out in the hall.)
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2009-11-20 12:47 pm
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(no subject)

You know, I like the Black Widow a lot, and it's nice that Iron Man II is netting her all this attention...but have I really got to buy a book called BLACK WIDOW AND THE MARVEL GIRLS? Really?

Also, this cover just makes me roll my eyes. Look, she's an attractive woman wearing a skintight black leather jumpsuit. If you can't make her look sexy without giving her severe frostbite, you need refresher art courses.
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2009-11-18 08:32 am
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Turtles, turtles everywhere!

For various reasons I am not having the best week, but knowing that Turtles Forever, aka the Ninja Turtle Crossover Of Awesome, is airing on Saturday makes it so much better. *anticipates with glee*
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2009-11-11 09:45 pm

(no subject)

You know, I would pay real money to see a commercial where, on Christmas morning, a girl was thrilled to get a Transformer and a boy was thrilled to get a Barbie.

(I think my money is pretty safe.)
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2009-11-03 11:32 pm

(no subject)

So, V.

I actually came to V completely backwards; I was too young to watch the miniseries when it came out, so I was introduced to it via a copy of the A. C. Crispin novelization I picked up somewhere. It was the book I loved and reread (it's sitting next to me now); I didn't get to see the actual series until years later, and I never did see the ongoing. (I still have a handful of comics around here somewhere, though; maybe now's the time to dig them out.) Nonetheless, my memories are fond, even if they have a slightly different source, so I checked out the remake.

I wasn't that impressed )
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2009-11-03 05:30 pm

Completely random post

Heather Dale's The Trial of Lancelot is a beautiful song and I love it, but after listening to it too many times it starts to sound like this:

NARRATOR: So Lancelot and Guinevere are in a whole lot of trouble. And here to help with the sticky question of what to do with them, Arthur's knights.
LANCELOT: *proudly* My crime was love!
ME: Honey, that isn't helping.
KAY: Look, the king's laws are the king's laws. Doesn't matter who you are: you break 'em, you bought it.
LANCELOT: I wish to establish that I love Guinevere!
GAWAIN: Okay, not that sleeping with the king's wife is a good thing, but considering the sixty-zillion times he's done good for us, we could maybe cut him a break? Like, not cutting his head off?
LANCELOT: I did it all for Guinevere! Because I love her!
TRISTAN: Love is awesome, but it makes no damn sense and can drive you a little crazy. So I kind of sympathize here, is all I'm saying.
LANCELOT: Did I mention? Love! Guinevere!
GALAHAD: Oh my god, my dad had sex! Icky, sinful sex! I am so embarrassed.
ME: Kid, you have issues.
LANCELOT: Yeah, I totally had sex with her. Because I love her!
ARTHUR: *deeply upset* I hate the entire world. But mostly I hate you and Guinevere. And I really am going to have to kill you both, aren't I?
LANCELOT: I die for love!
ME: this point I'm tempted to say you have it coming.