Jun. 20th, 2013

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On Friday, [personal profile] neotoma and I are going to see a midnight showing of Star Trek: the Wrath of Khan at E-Street Cinema. If anyone else is interested in coming, we're meeting at the theater around nine before we find some place to have dinner.
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So I'm shelving and reshelving and flipping through books as part of the redecoration process (theoretically in the hopes of finding things I'm prepared to get rid of, which is...not really happening) and ran across this bit in Melinda Snodgrass's Tears of the Singers:

[Uhura] wanted a ship and a command of her own, and she thought she had a good chance of getting them--but it was going to cost. The price of a starship was ceaseless devotion to work and career. She had seen it with Captain Kirk. However much he might yearn there was only one lady in his life and her name was Enterprise.

But do I want to become a lesbian? she thought rebelliously. Devoting my life to a mass of circuits and metal that by some ironic quirk of phraseology has been designated a she?

Or did she want the comfort of home, husband and children? And was it possible she could have both? Or was that a foolish dream placed forever beyond the reach of a woman in Star Fleet?

'80s Star Trek novels: they really, really do not make them like that anymore. I never actually got around to reading this one (I bought it because, hey, Uhura novel) but now I'm morbidly curious what else is in here.


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