Mar. 1st, 2009

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"When have you ever known me to do anything rash or irresponsible?"
"I keep a list. It's alphabetized."

"Hey, anytime you want to see my terminal velocity, just ask."
"What? That doesn't make any--even your threats have bad science!"

"So we're holding a stethoscope up to a volcano to see if it has indigestion. Is it always this exciting?"

"Your fancy technology is a hose?"
"No...two hoses!"

"If it helps, I think you won the pointless macho contest."

"See, that would be from my half of the DNA. Your dad's chromosomes are the ones that just sit there and yell 'we're not gonna reach it!'"

"I am also sorry."
"For what?"
"I don't know, I just thought that's what you wanted me to say."

Yeah, I could definitely get attached to the Secret Saturdays. I mean, a functional family of Adventure Zoologists chasing monsters around the globe, with banter! And flaming swords! What's not to love? Plus Will Friedle voicing a cocky redhead with a jetpack; Doyle is really total fangirl-bait...
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Also, while there's a lot to enjoy about the Bronze Tiger episode of Brave and the Bold (GIANT BAT!!) I think I get the most actual glee from the teaser. Why is Batman teaming up with Jonah Hex in the old West? Because, that's why! Explanations are for the weak! Also, "Bat-Hombre" gives me so much joy I can't tell you; somebody definitely got into the Haney issues that day.

(Yes, I am parked on the couch spending my Sunday with Cartoon Network.)


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