Feb. 13th, 2009

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So I haven't posted in...yeah, it's been a while. So, a random entry of shiny things in my life:

* My shiny shiny new laptop, which this entry would certainly not be an excuse to play with. No. I've never owned a laptop before, and I am enthusiastically charmed (and also happy to have, you know, a decently working computer again....) *cuddles laptop*

* Discovering that Emma Bull's old bands Cats Laughing and the Flash Girls have all of their music either available for free download or for sale. And I finally get to hear "Signal to Noise" after fifteen years! (Or whenever it was I read War for the Oaks. Which possibly I need to go reread right now. Or maybe the Bordertown books instead. Decisions, decisions...)

* Minimates. My comic book shop has started selling them (Cloak and Dagger! So many of Marvel's sins are forgiven for getting those into my fangirl hands) and thus encouraged I may have gone slightly overboard on their tiny cuteness. I amuse myself by swapping all their accessories around; movie-Mary Jane as a member of the Nova Corps is surreal but satisfying.

* Leverage. I came in a little late, but now that I've caught up I can say definitively that this is so cool. A team of ultra-competent con artists! Stealing and cheating to defend the needy (and enjoying themselves thoroughly in the process). Schemes and counter-schemes! Super-special comlinks to facilitate the schemes! Teamwork! Emotional issues! And a really excellent geek; I love everyone on the show, but I love Hardison just that much more, especially when he's talking about downloading Doctor Who or being intensely sweet in Parker's general direction. Also, next week looks awesome. *bounces*


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