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Heather Dale's The Trial of Lancelot is a beautiful song and I love it, but after listening to it too many times it starts to sound like this:

NARRATOR: So Lancelot and Guinevere are in a whole lot of trouble. And here to help with the sticky question of what to do with them, Arthur's knights.
LANCELOT: *proudly* My crime was love!
ME: Honey, that isn't helping.
KAY: Look, the king's laws are the king's laws. Doesn't matter who you are: you break 'em, you bought it.
LANCELOT: I wish to establish that I love Guinevere!
GAWAIN: Okay, not that sleeping with the king's wife is a good thing, but considering the sixty-zillion times he's done good for us, we could maybe cut him a break? Like, not cutting his head off?
LANCELOT: I did it all for Guinevere! Because I love her!
TRISTAN: Love is awesome, but it makes no damn sense and can drive you a little crazy. So I kind of sympathize here, is all I'm saying.
LANCELOT: Did I mention? Love! Guinevere!
GALAHAD: Oh my god, my dad had sex! Icky, sinful sex! I am so embarrassed.
ME: Kid, you have issues.
LANCELOT: Yeah, I totally had sex with her. Because I love her!
ARTHUR: *deeply upset* I hate the entire world. But mostly I hate you and Guinevere. And I really am going to have to kill you both, aren't I?
LANCELOT: I die for love!
ME: this point I'm tempted to say you have it coming.

Date: 2009-11-03 11:15 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh, Lancelot, honey. Stick to trials by combat and leave the talking to your lawyer, 'k?


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